domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2015

School Supplies

Hello everyone! First of all, I wanted to apologize about being absent these days, but holidays got me coming and going everywhere. Secondly, I want to tell you that I joined YouNow as Aitana García     ( ) and that my snapchat is aitana1311. Okay, now, after all that promo let's jump into the post.

So, I'm not sure in your county, but here in Spain school starts tomorrow and this is what I bought:
The first thing you should have is a bag pack, this one is from Urban Outfitters and I think it's amazing because everything fits in there.

The next thing I think everyone should have is a diary. I've never been really organized but the last couple of years I discovered the power of the agenda and it's incredible.

Moving on, we need a pencil case (Forever 21) filled with pens, sharpeners, rubbers, pencils,...

The last thing I got were some Notebooks.

I know this has been a short post but I promise that I'm going to post more regulary from now on and this wek is going to have at leats 3 post.


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