martes, 14 de julio de 2015

Lush Inauguration+New Products

Hello everyone! First of all: I'm sorry, I know I've not upload for a long time (exams, family cruise, Taylor's concert,...) but now I'm back. So two weeks ago I was able to go to the newest Lush store inauguration. Here in my city we had three stores and all of them are really small, but now we've got the biggest one in Spain, with exclusive products from The Oxford Street store. 


The inauguration was amazing, there was food, a lot of people who loved the store, and we've got an exclusive bag as a present. 

While I was there I bought 3 new products, I really wanted to buy the whole store but my mom warned me not to. 

So, the first thing I bought was: 
  • Foot Soak And Fancy Free Foot Lotion: If you know me in real life, you'll know that I really don't like foot at all, it's a weird thing that I've got. So I bought this lotion because the girl of the store told me that with it my foot will be really soft and they will look very good. The truth is that it really worked it! My foot are really soft now, but I don't thing it will last more than a couple of weeks.  
  • Tea Tree Toner Tabs: At first I bought them because they were really cheap, but when I tried them I realized they were the first toner ever that doesn't make me have an eczema on the sides of my nose, I think that it is because all of Lush products are handmade, no chemicals.

  • Retread: This is the last thing I bought, today was my first time using it and my hair is really soft, I'm amazed. I can't tell you if this product will work at long term but I will let you know. The first impression at least is incredible.  

Hey There Delilah-Plain White T's (Taylor Swift Video)