sábado, 30 de mayo de 2015

Blogs And Youtube


Hello everyone? Are you having a good day/night? So today I received a DM on Twitter asking me if I had any favorites youtubers/vloggers and blogs. And yes I do. 

First of all I'm going to start by telling you my favorite blogs:
  • Catherine Belle: She's a Canadian blogger with an amazing classy style, she post all about fashion and you will fall in love with her pics.
  • Indetame: This is actually from a friend of mine called Maria and she's an Spanish blogger I really love her posts, she's not a fashion or anything like this, she just post what she thinks and I really like the way she writes it all down. 
  • Something Navy: If I combined her style with LEHAPPY style it would be the most amazing classy, soft grunge style in the whole world.
  • LEHAPPY: Hell yes! This girl got me amazed the second I first saw her. She's always loyal to her style and I don't know her personaly but I think she's really cool and I bet she likes the kind of music that I like.
  • SincerlyJules: I was recomended to read her blog by a friend of mine and I really like it. 
  • Soyunpezazul: A girl from Spain with a great Tumblr style, her blog is majority fashion but she recently did a DIY, and she also talks about how does she gets the style that everyone is in love with.
  • The Clothes Murder: This is actually a girl from my school, I don't think that I've talk to her ever but my Goshhhh her blog is amazing. She talks about the things she wants and her way to express herself it's pretty great.
  • They All Hate Us: This is a blog who's dedicate to take pics from Pinterest and share them but they are really cool pics and the titles of every post always atract me.
  • Awkward: Here's another friend of mine. Also from Spain and she writes about random things and I think that those things are cute and fun to read and always true.
  • Barefoot Blonde: I'm sure you will know her more by her name, Amber Fillerup and she's the one that creates the best hairstyles in the world, they are all around Tumblr, Pinterest and any social media. 
  • Rocky Barnes: You may have seen her in some magazines or fashion brands pics, she's a super pretty girl, well she's actually a model so...
  • Shoot The Heels: This is a blog from a fashionista, I discovered this girl on Twitter one day and I thought she has a great sense of style and a week latter I was a super fan of her blog.
  • Song Of Style: Another great and amazing fashion blogger who takes pic in clothes around the world.
  • Tao Of Sophia: This is a blog opened three months ago and I've been reading it since the very begining and she look like a really nice person when she writes.
And now here come the names of my favorite youtubers: Zoella, Pointless Blog, ThatcherJoe, Caspar; Oli White, Marcus Butler, Niomi Smart, Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, Sacconejolys, Alex Centomo, Kyla Centomo, Dan Jensen, Aspyn Ovard, Grace Helbig, SprinkleofGlitter, Alexa Losey, Mikey Murphy, Shay Mitchell, Lua P, Will Darbyshire, Miranda Sings, MayBaby, Joey Graceffa, JennXPenn, Lauren Elizabeth, Meghan Rienks, Andrew Lowe, MakeupbyMandy24, Tyler Oakley, ThatsoJack, Arden Rose and Andrea Russett, right now I can't remember any more names but maybe there's someone else. I will let you know if any names come to my head.