sábado, 25 de abril de 2015

Study Tips

Hello everyone! So this Monday starts the exams week and I'm super nervous but before I started to study I did a little bit of research and some of you may have exams too so I decided to share it with you.

  1.  Stay Calm: This is one of the most importants things because you know when sometimes (in my case always) you've left studying to the day before the test and all of the sudden you start to freak out, and in those cases it's extremly important to remain the calm because stress and anxiety will make it much harder to concentrate, memorize, and think critically about the exam.
  2. Study Spot: It has to be quite. I know that a lot of you like to study with friends and sometimes it's better to study with them because if you can't understand something maybe they can help you. But if you really want to get all of your work done look for a quiet spot without distractions.
  3. Notes: Personally I don't take notes on every subject but it's important to write the things teacher insist the most even if they are not in your books. A teacher of mine always says: If it's said in class it could be in the exam. And it's true. Another important thing you should do with your notes it's keep them clear and clean so you can focus on them better.
  4. Make a practice test: it's all said on the tittle.
  5. Talk to the teacher: A lot of us don't want to admit that they are struggling or want to ask the teacher to clarify the facts. Well, sometimes we need to leave our fears behind and our pride aside and this is one of this moments.
  6. Make a study guide: and schedule your time.
  7. Be postive: This is actually a really good dvice because I always tent to be negative and then that's when I fail.

I'm sure they are 198612736 more advices but those are the ones I liked the most. Thank you so much for reading and feel free of sending me yours.