miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015


Hello everyone! So today I figured out that I would talk you about my plants. Does it sound weird? I'm going to explain you hhahaah. Well, the thing is that lately I've been feeling awkward and I thought what if I buy a plant? maybe if I take care of it I will feel better.

I've never been good at taking care of anything, actually when I was little I had two mini-fishes and they died because I didn't feed them properly. But this plants don't need a lot, just light, water twice a month, love and if you want you can also talk to them and share your secrets and even sing (maybe it sounds crazy).

This plants makes the surroundings look more clear and it really alive. I could spend hours watching them.

The last thing that I wanted to tell you today is that me and one friend will make a big announcement (for us) this weekend. 

I Just Want Your Jeans-God Help The Girl  (OST)

Thanks for reading,